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Postpartum Period tea

100g (Bio)


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Our postpartum tea is a special herbal tea for new mothers, made from high-quality ingredients. The finely balanced blend of nettle leaves, yarrow herb, lady's mantle herb, milk thistle seeds, and coriander is ideal for the time after birth to support the body and promote healing. The tea blend contains a balanced combination of herbs tailored to the specific needs of new mothers. Nettle leaves contain valuable vitamins and minerals that can support the body in its regeneration and provide more energy. Yarrow herb and lady's mantle herb have a positive effect on regulating hormonal balance and promoting lactation.


Fat | Vetten ׀ Graisses ׀ Fette l دهون,
Saturated fat | Verzadigd vet | Matières grasses saturées | Gesättigte Fette | دهون مشبعة,
Trans fats | Transvetten | Graisses trans | Transfette | دهون متحولة,
Cholesterol | Cholesterol | Cholestérol | Cholesterin | كولسترول,
Sodium | Natrium | Sodium | Natrium | صوديوم,
Carbohydrates | Koolhydraten | Glucides | Kohlenhydrate | كربوهيدرات,
Dietary fiber | Voedingsvezels | Fibres alimentaires | Ballaststoffe | ألياف غذائية,
Salt | Zout | Salé | Salz | ملح
Sugars | Suikers | Sucres | Zucker | سكريات,
Added sugars | Toegevoegde suikers | Sucres ajoutés | Zugesetzter Zucker | سكر مضاف,
Protein | Eiwitten | Protéines | Eiweiß | بروتين,
Calcium | Calcium | Calcium | Kalzium | كالسيوم,
Iron | IJzer | Fer | Eisen | حديد,
Potassium | Kalium | Potassium | Kalium | بوتاسيوم,

Ingredients: Nettle leaves, Yarrow, Lady‘s mantle, milk thistle seeds, coriander.

Ingrediënten: Brandnetelbladeren, duizendblad, vrouwenmantel, mariadistelzaad, koriander.

Ingrédients: Feuilles d'ortie, achillée millefeuille, alchémille, graines de chardon-Marie, coriandre.

Zutaten: Brennnesselblätter, Schafgarbe, Frauenmantel, Mariendistelsamen, Koriander.

المكونات: أوراق نبات القراص، اليارو، عباءة السيدة، بذور الشوك الحليب، الكزبرة