Naimi Foods




Nice to meet you!

I am a date paste, made from pure dates. I offer a natural and versatile sweetener that can elevate your culinary creations. With each jar, you'll experience the rich and concentrated flavors of nature's finest dates.

Use me as a delicious and wholesome substitute for traditional sweeteners in your recipes. Incorporate me into baked goods, energy balls, or homemade granola bars to enhance their taste and provide a natural sweetness. With my smooth and velvety texture, I blend effortlessly into sauces, dressings, and smoothies, adding a touch of wholesome sweetness.

Thank you for choosing Date Paste. I take pride in being a pure and natural product that enhances your dishes with the essence of dates. Enjoy the delightful and wholesome indulgence I bring to your kitchen.


Fat | Vetten ׀ Graisses ׀ Fette l دهون,
Saturated fat | Verzadigd vet | Matières grasses saturées | Gesättigte Fette | دهون مشبعة,
Trans fats | Transvetten | Graisses trans | Transfette | دهون متحولة,
Cholesterol | Cholesterol | Cholestérol | Cholesterin | كولسترول,
Sodium | Natrium | Sodium | Natrium | صوديوم,
Carbohydrates | Koolhydraten | Glucides | Kohlenhydrate | كربوهيدرات,
Dietary fiber | Voedingsvezels | Fibres alimentaires | Ballaststoffe | ألياف غذائية,
Salt | Zout | Salé | Salz | ملح
Sugars | Suikers | Sucres | Zucker | سكريات,
Added sugars | Toegevoegde suikers | Sucres ajoutés | Zugesetzter Zucker | سكر مضاف,
Protein | Eiwitten | Protéines | Eiweiß | بروتين,
Calcium | Calcium | Calcium | Kalzium | كالسيوم,
Iron | IJzer | Fer | Eisen | حديد,
Potassium | Kalium | Potassium | Kalium | بوتاسيوم,